Artist’s Statement

“As a self-taught conceptual artist, I have always been interested in the idea of ‘infinity’, that life’s possibilities can be endless and without limit.
I wanted to explore this concept through the use of light. The seemingly endless repetition of these tunnels acts as a metaphor for life. They create a visual of life’s continuum: the twists and turns that we all experience, by creating a spectacle of light that captivates and draws you in.

As you engage, my hope is that you experience a sense of connection and introspection. Through the interplay of light and symbolism, these pieces are intended to invoke a spectrum of emotions, from contemplation and tranquility to wonder and curiosity. I want to create an immersive and reflective experience that resonates differently with each viewer on a personal level.

These circles in their repetition dance and glow, amplifying their effect on the observer. Mesmerising and seductive, they compel us to engage and contemplate our individual experience. These luminescent loops reflect the limitless potential of the human spirit; the radiance reminds us that life’s possibilities are endless, and our ability to adapt and grow is infinite.

And so, life and light, psychology and technology come together to remind us of the “magic.”