‘Ad Infinitum’ Solo Exhibition, Melbourne 2017

Inspired by the Latin term ‘ad infinitum,’ meaning ‘infinity’, this exhibition showcased my conceptual art: ‘Circle Work’. These infinity tunnel light boxes explore our infinite possibilities as humans; both endless and without limit, compelling the viewer to engage and contemplate their own experiences.

My ongoing love of words inspired my ‘Talking Type’ series that played with  language and typography, Wall words in chrome neon flex put a clever spin on words like disrupt, subvert and secret

Originally showcased at the ‘Luce’ exhibition for Hall & Wilcox in Melbourne, these works have since been commissioned by private clients and featured in select luxury design stores.

White Night, Melbourne, 2018

In February 2018, I represented Euroluce Lighting at  Melbourne’s White Night Exhibition.

I created a custom Colour Spectrum/LED/RGB/Remote-controlled Light box for their  front window, captivating passers-by with its hypnotic, shifting colours.