This exhibition took it’s title from the latin word, ad infinitum, meaning infinity. The concept of infinity has always interested me….”something that is unlimited, endless, without bounds”. Inspired by my passion for words and my love of light, the exhibition showcased a collection of LED, infinity light boxes and a ‘Talking Type’ series that played with the meaning of words and their visual representation.

My Infinity Tunnel Light boxes, represent a journey. Their repetitive nature, both mesmerising and seductive, are a metaphor for life. They compel us to engage and get lost in the experience.

The “Talking Type” series makes words ‘talk’ through their visual representation. Language and typography join forces to create a powerful visual variation from our usual perception of a word.

I was initially asked to create these works for a group lighting exhibition, ‘Luce’, for Hall & Wilcox. I then went on to design commission’s for private clients. I also designed a limited collection for select design stores in Melbourne: The Coolhunter, Franque and Mondopiero.

In February, 2018, I was invited by Euroluce to represent them in the White Night exhibition in Melbourne.

After darkness, comes light.