In a market flooded with white, island-style design, I wanted to create something different, something bold and dramatic.
This all-black villa, a continuation of my black brand, stands alone in the market as a first in villa design in Bali.
The brief was to create a single palette with contrasting textures and surfaces, all connecting, yet varying, in their single identity, black.
Visiting Bali from the age of ten, I was strongly influenced by ‘poleng’’, a term used to describe their  black and white ceremonial fabric. This checkered fabric is used in the temples and throughout the rich Balinese ceremonial culture.
Poleng represents a contrast that cannot be separated, a balance: harmony and chaos, day and night, right and wrong, good and bad, hot and cold and so on.
My first villa design, Villa Bianco, was white-based with a lot of poleng fabric and traditional Balinese black and white artworks, celebrating traditional Balinese dance. So it seemed a natural extension, that Villa Noir should be her black brother.
Bold and unashamed, the design is tropical minimalism at its finest.
Brutal but beautiful, Villa Noir has a serious yet serene ambience. The peace of a single colour palette, varied only by its textures, is a tranquil respite from Bali’s staple white.

Special thanks to my brother Fam Surya @fams.panjaitan