I wanted to bring my signature black brand to Bali and make a bold, and dramatic statement in villa design. Villa Noir is a further extension of my fascination with black, and without a doubt, my favourite project among the three villas I designed over there. I was in my element, fully immersed in BLACK.

The design brief (to myself) called for a single palette, with contrasting surfaces and textures in stone, wood, concrete, and furnishings, all sharing a common identity: black. 

Having visited Bali since the age of ten, I was inspired by the Balinese concept of ‘poleng’ – the black and white check fabric representing contrasting yet inseparable elements, like day and night, hot and cold, or good and bad.

Capturing the essence of tropical minimalism, Villa Noir is a bold and unapologetic showcase of its distinct style. The design combines brutal beauty with a serene ambience, an atmosphere with an attitude!