JULY 2020

The brief for Villa Bianco was light and bright. The interior is minimal and magical. Classic concrete, softened by art and furnishings with strong Balinese cultural references.

Picking up on the Balinese ‘poleng’, black and white checkered fabric pattern, seen everywhere on the island: wrapped around large tree trunks, draped over rocks, wrapped around statues and shrines, or used in ceremonies as banners, umbrellas, or as part of their dance costumes. This fabric and the theme of the dances represents the constant philosophical importance of maintaining  balance. It represents two different things, that cannot be separated.

I was fascinated by the local traditional dances in Bali at the age of ten. The Barong, The Ramayana and the Kecak, were all big influences on me and can be seen in the art in Villa Bianco.

The langlang gazebo is hand-thatched by local artisans in the old, Ubudian style. Traditionally influenced with bamboo floor matting and scattered, checkered floor cushions. 

A cool place to get out of the sun and have a cold coconut on the floor, Balinese style.

Special thanks to my brother Fam Surya @fams.panjaitan