What is all that noise?

ChatGPT this, Chatbox that, is all that I am hearing

AI is the name on everybody’s lips

This has ironically, promoted a return to using experienced copywriter’s, who bring a less robotic, human element to the project

20 years of experience as a  Copywriter/Editor,  cannot be replaced by this new technology


Identifying trends like AI and the urgent need to bring back a human element, has re invigorated, what was first thought to be, an industry under threat

A skillful content curator, across a diverse range of platforms, a strong and specific sense of style, has set me apart

I have loved working on unique and challenging projects, with numerous skills learned along the way….

Features/Design Editor, Magazine
Fashion Buyer
Real Estate, Project Marketing
Interior Stylist
Lighting Designer
Art Agent

AI Evangelist

Contact Kristina on 0409 603 260

Image of Kristina
Image of Kristina
Image of Kristina