June, 2024

AI is the new Black.

Keeping up with its lighting-fast capabilities is fun, like a powerful ally, rather than a threat.

Years of freelance creativity can’t be replaced and AI that only promotes the need for experienced copywriter’s to give it a human tone.

My brand has always been synonymous with BLACK. Strong will and sophistication is the undercurrent here. When it comes to design, my love for ‘the dark side’ has inspired vast and various projects from a custom Land Rover Defender, to an all-black villa in Bali, my fashion sense and most recently, my Tunnel Light Boxes/Sculptures that explore life’s ‘infinite’ possibilities; both endless and without limit (see Design/Infinity Light Boxes).

Select works will be available next month on Saatchi.com

I thrive on diverse experiences with a portfolio spanning copywriting, editing, fashion buying, interior styling, curation and art consultation, over 25 years. Examples of my work are available upon request.

I have recently returned to Melbourne after five years in Bali designing two villas: one black, one white (see Design/Villa Bianco/Villa Noir).

Stay Black,


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Image of Kristina
Image of Kristina
Image of Kristina