About ME…

I am a freelance creative who has developed my own, unique sense of style. My aesthetic is clean and crisp, strong and specific (and often black). My ongoing love affair with black comes from my belief that everything looks better in black and white.

Working with exceptional people on exciting projects is what drives me and where my creativity and passion live.

I HAVE worked as a freelance creative ACROSS A broad range OF FIELDS BECAUSE, FOR ME, IT has BEEN Impossible to CHOOSE JUST ONE.
These include:


magazine editOR





lighting designer

My infinity tunnel light boxes are a metaphor for life’s journey. Both MESMERISING AND HYPNOTIC, they ENGAGE THE VIEWER.

I was initially asked to create these works for a group lighting exhibition, ‘Luce’, at Hall & Wilcox, WHO PURCHASED ONE FOR THEIR COLLECTION. I then went on to design commissions for private clients. I designed a limited collection for select design stores in Melbourne and in February, 2017, was invited by Euroluce to represent them in the White Night exhibition.

MY ‘TALKING TYPE’ SERIES, CONNECTS my love of language AND light in the form of wall words. MAKING these words ‘talk’ THROUGH the connection of TYPOGRAPHY AND NEON has a fun project.

MY July EXHIBITION, ‘Ad infinitum’, at FINI FRAMES, showcased my LIGHT BOXES, neon WALL WORDS And photographic prints.